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The photographs of Chester found on this web site are a collection of images taken throughout the year. It is a gradually evolving collection that is intended to be a representation of the city, it's buildings, it's visitors and inhabitants. A glimpse of the city as seen through the lens of my camera.

The Content

David MitchellThe photos are categorised by area of interest. At present these category's are “The Walls”, “The Rows”, “The Water”(about the river and the canal), “The Zoo”, as well as an additional gallery, "The City", that is a broader look at the city. There will be additional galleries displaying pictures of landmarks and attractions beyond this definition, like the race course, the HQ building, the railway station and the suburbs.

At the moment images of these are accommodated in the information entries found in the “Chester” pages where there are articles about the history of Chester and specific areas of interest, and the “Journal” pages where entries are briefer and are largely built around photographs of events, locations or curiosities caught by the camera. They may be recent events or collections of images recently assembled. I've attempted to put in as much cross referencing and categorisation as possible so that things can be found fairly easily.

Gallery Navigation

You can dive into the pictures from the thumbnail menu on the right of screen. This is a selection of thumbnail links that are randomly generated from all of the galleries on the site. Each time you visit a picture displayed on the left of screen. This selection changes. It is quite a useful feature for casually dipping in and out of the pictures.

The Galleries can be accesses by the top navigation bar, or individual galleries accessed from the front page, from the middle side bar, gallery navigation block or from the top navigation bar drop down menu.

When a gallery or it's content is open a gallery navigation block opens in the middle side bar. This again gives access to the different galleries but also allows you to see the currently open gallery in a full screen slide show and to send a picture to a friend as an e-card.

Once you are in the gallery section. You can browse through thumbnail pages and click to see a larger image. Once the larger image is open you can progress through the pictures by clicking on the left or right half of each picture for the next and previous images, or use the navigation below the image. By clicking on the “View Larger Image” text you can see a bigger picture in a separate pop up window. You can also use the small thumbnails below the image to navigate up and down the gallery

Bench in Eastgate Street Chester

The Pictures

It has always been the intention to make the image, either in the form of the photograph or the video the core of the content. Following the adage that “A picture paints a thousand words”. But it has always been difficult to decide whether it was to be an artistic or an information driven publication. Because of this you will find that the pictures in the galleries are a combination of pictures that are straight photographs of Chester. As documents of interesting aspects of the city fabric. And other photos that are more of a framed glimpse of aspects of the city, or framed views of aspects of the city that perhaps normally don't get acknowledged or take on a different meaning or intensity when viewed in isolation or from a different perspective.

Pedalos on the River DeeIt's possible to perceive themes developing as you browse through the collection. There are many pictures of park benches and seats, of steps, of doorways, of reflections and shadows, and close up studies of boats. Recently I have been interested in street performers and there are a growing number of photographs of buskers and other artists in and around the city centre. Boats are a particular passion and if you take a look at the site you will find a lot more studies of boats and the sea.

Part of the purpose is to build a web site that presents the interested visitor with a comprehensive view of the city, places of interest, things to watch out for on a visit. The other intent was to create a web site that perhaps opened up the seasoned visitor, or inhabitant's eyes to a view of things that they have possibly overlooked or have become so familiar with that they no longer seem remarkable or interesting. I hope that you will spend some time browsing trough the content of these pages. More will be added over time and comments are always welcome about the site as well as the pictures.

Print and Photograph sales

Visit the Photo Store page where photographs from this site and other images are available as prints, photo books and other gifts. .

Digital files are also available for print and web applications please use the contact form accessed from the navigation block at top of the middle side bar to send me your request. All original photographs are from 10 megapixel cameras available in Raw or other formats on request.

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